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An engine management system suited to meet the regulation EURO2000 by means of an enhanced digital core


The Project Core2000 aims to develop and to assess a Cost Effective Engine Management System optimised to meet the Euro2000 regulations for gasoline engines.

- Based on a highly performant but cost efficient 'MicroController' with broad market applicability
- By means of enhanced approaches in Control Methods as well as in Sensor Components.

The European regulation Euro2000 targeted for the time period after 2000 will intensify the current level of European pollution control regulation in two directions:

1 Requiring lower emission level for all three regulated pollutants: CO, HC, NOx.
2 On board diagnostic to check emission control system in order to identify high polluters.

To yield this goal the Engine Management System to be developed and constructed under this Project will require not just innovative approaches on fairly all core elements but a highly optimised overall systems-partitioning and integration of its elements. To resolve this target a coherent approach for software, hardware and components targeted by means of a highly collaborative activity in-between the Partners: a Car Manufacturer, a System-Suppliers, a Component-Suppliers and a Software-Supplier.
The work to achieve this will be performed in three Phases. Initially the system requirements will be evaluated and the System, the MicroController, the target improvements of the Control Software and the necessary improvements of the software development tools and means will be specified.
In a second phase of the Project the System Hardware, its Control Software and the MicroController will be developed in parallel, however in close collaboration.
This will include: 1 To reorganise the overall functional partitioning of the existing Engine Management System, i.e. replacement of hardware including sensors by signal processing software.
2 An enhanced C167 MicroController combined with high performant A/D-Converter and DSP-functions. It is envisaged to end up with a 10-fold increase of the performance for this particular application compared to current C167, however, creating a Microcontroller with a broad application base to meet the cost constraints.
3 Enhancements of the software driven engine control methods including the evaluation and validation of alternative Fuzzy Logic approaches. Improvements in Fuzzy Logic engineering methods will be developed and implemented by means of appropriate adaptation and integration of the generic Tool Environment to the overall tool chain of the user.

In the final phase a demonstrator will be constructed consisting of the Engine Management System, an engine and a car which will operate as a Test-Bench. By means of this Test-Bench the Engine Management System will be tuned, validated and assessed.


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Participants (3)

Peugeot SA
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Societe D'applications Generales D'electricite et de Mecanique
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Syndesis Ltd
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