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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Micromachined integrated relay system


- Development of a novel, low-cost, high quality switching technology, which combines the switching advantages of solid-state relays with those of hard-metal-contact relays where added value electronics can be implemented on a single silicon substrate.

- The microrelay must be small, display a low and stable contact resistance, a high off-resistance and be low-cost.

- Development of a cost-effective fabrication process based on micromachining technologies for hard-contact relays with integrated electronic circuitry.

- Development of a contact technology that guarantees the required contact characteristics for life and which is fully compatible and integrated with the actuator technology and movable mechanical parts.

- Development of a low-cost packaging technology.

- Operative microrelays demonstrating the tools, features and technologies developed are to be produced. These will undergo full reliability testing in real user applications.

A cost-effective micromachined integrated relay is to be developed. The new feature of this relay is that it combines a hard-metal contact, electromagnetic actuation, as well as electronic circuitry on the same silicon substrate. The relay will be manufactured in a batch process in a way similar to IC fabrication. The feasibility of electromagnetic principles that are commonly employed in conventional reed relays for actuation of the relay will be investigated. Furthermore, special attention will be given to the development of reliable electrical contacts and of a suitable packaging technology. The actuator (e.g. a coil), the electrical contacts and the moving mechanical parts will be fabricated in an integrated process sequence using micromachining technologies.

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