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Molecular imaging for translational research applications in Cancer


Molecular Imaging is an exciting new research area that aims to provide non-invasive means of assessing pathways, processes and interactions that play a critical role in the development of major diseases and their treatment.

This form of imaging builds on our developing understanding of the human genome, of cellular molecular mechanisms and of advances in imaging techniques. Such approaches are playing a fast-growing role in the diagnosis and evaluation of disease, in the development and clinical trials of novel therapeutics, and in identifying appropriate patients for these novel treatments.

While Europe has major strengths in medical science and pharmaceutical development, it has limited capability in the developing field of molecular imaging, particularly in developing techniques that span different imaging modalities, and the various scientific disciplines required to combine imaging technology with biological processes.

The current output from general training centres does not address the combination of skills required, and is failing to meet the growing industrial and medical research demand. This will impact adversely on the pace of medical research and new pharmaceutical development in Europe, and on the relative economies of EU states in these areas.

This proposal outlines plans to train fellows in the methodology and application of different types of Molecular Imaging (so called Multi-Modality Molecular Imaging (MMMI)) in biology and medicine. Fellows, with backgrounds in physics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, medicine, electronics and informatics, will work in multidisciplinary teams on a range of relevant research areas.

Individual projects will all be related to translational cancer research, and based on the particular strengths of The Institute of Cancer Research. The expectation is that this would pump-prime the field of molecular imaging research, and open up opportunities for additional studentships from other sources in EC member states

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