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AIT project to support research in an open environment


This user group reference project is an extension of ESPRIT Project (-7704) into the areas of user management, co-ordination, harmonisation of current and future activities, further exploitation of industrial Advanced Information Technology, as well as further user requirement specifications where necessary.

It is focused on and expands the ongoing activities of the multi-sectoral user driven AIT initiative consisting of seventeen major automotive and aerospace companies and acknowledged by approximately 300 other users and IT vendors across Europe, to adequately cover the following areas : technology harmonisation, technology transfer to small businesses and academia, information dissemination and exploitation, evolution of new business requirements, links to other groups and networks and links with associations.

The specific objectives of this project are categorised as follows
- Provision of a forum for the European automotive, aerospace, and supplier industries to express, reach consensus on, and specify IT user requirements in terms of functionality, timeliness skills, legacy management, technology and strategic goals. - The delivery of information across individual AIT projects.
- Further exploitation of results of AIT projects to enable technology transfer.
- Co-operation with the AIT Association (to be established) which will be open to any European organisation interested in the aims of AIT.

Three main workpackages are included in this project;
- The harmonisation of current project activities.
- The evolution and harmonisation of business requirements and results exploitation.
- Project Management, dissemination and support.

AIT PRO will produce functional requirements specifications and ultimately IT user requirements. These documents will be the basis for further development work to be carried out in individual projects.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


British Aerospace Defence Limited, Military Aircraft Division
Lancaster House, Fanborough Aerospace Centre
GU146YU Farnborough
United Kingdom

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