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Automated wet bench for critical pre-oxidation treatments for sub-half micron applications


- Reduction of CoO through a reduced chemical and DI water consumption per processed wafer and an increased throughput.

- Increase of the product yield through the improvement of the quality of critical active dielectrics.

- Reduction of the environmental impact through the simplification of the cleaning cycle and the elimination of dangerous chemicals.

- Set-up and characterisation with critical applications of a HF point-of-use monitoring system with software active automatic intervention on process parameters.

- Feedback and experience on the implementation in a production environment of a new cleaning concept.

- Strong cooperation among industrial users.

As Flash Memory products are getting more and more complex, the processes needed to produce these devices are getting more detailed and critical, while manufacturing costs and environmental friendliness are a must at the same time.
To satisfy the above-mentioned requirements, the implementation in production of a new simplified cleaning concept (Twin Clean) with diluted chemistries and all the necessary hardware features to satisfy stringent process requirements (such as a HF concentration monitoring system) is the goal of the project.

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