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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Construction companies processes re-engineering

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CORE is a methodology for business process re-engineering (BPR) that helps companies in the construction sector plan and manage their activities more effectively. The CORE approach supports individuals or teams in identifying, analysing and redesigning critical business processes, followed by the implementation of these changes in the business itself. As well as efficiency improvements, valuable generic knowledge and skills can be gained from CORE regarding the application of BPR tools in the construction industry The CORE Procedural Model describes a process for carrying out a BPR project, particularly in companies within the construction sector. Process reference models have a central role in this process The CORE Reference Models provide reference material to be used within BPR projects in the construction industry. They comprise a number of related process models of key processes which are found both in small to medium sized and large construction companies. The key processes modelled are those concerned with tendering and purchasing for small and medium sized enterprises(SME), and site planning for large companies, but not the processes of construction itself. The models are derived from specific models of these processes and extended to give a wider coverage. These general models have then been validated against the processes of other typical companies in the industry. The CORE Procedural Model includes substantive descriptions to guide the interpretation and configuration of these general, reference models in the context of a particular company. CORE enabled key re-engineering opportunities for the pilot companies to be identified, and implementations of re-engineered business processes to be developed. The reference models derived will be of use in re-engineering other construction companies' business processes. Valuable generic knowledge and skills have been gained about using business process modelling tools in BPR in the Construction Industry (ARIS-Toolset, ProcessWise WorkBench but also POSD and RolEnact).

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