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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Traffic engineering network data services


The project focuses upon distributed systems and distributed, real-time database technology, and will demonstrate the advantages of this technology in the road transport market, aiming to show how such applications can be built swiftly and economically. The application is generic, and will be of value in showing the applicability of the technology to other similar markets where real-time devices, wide area communications and large multi-function databases are used. The end-user application site is the Swedish National Road Administration's ARENA Test Site in Gothenburg. The project will show how users can achieve smooth evolution from a centralised to a distributed system, and how such a system can then expand and enhance the system's traffic management capability.

In the initial stages of the project, the project partners will define the requirements of the ARENA system, and also take into account the requirements from a wider group of users, through the strong connections of University College London's Centre for Transport Studies, in order to ensure that the project considers a wide range of requirements whilst delivering a system which meets those of ARENA. In particular, the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) in Madrid will undertake the role of critiquing the specifications and designs to ensure a second view of the system, and the project welcomes and encourages other organisations to do the same. Other interested users, particularly those with interest in traffic systems, will be welcome to join the project's "User Group" in which the needs, specifications and progress will be discussed in order to gain the widest input. Interested users are invited to contact the project at the E-mail address below.

The "technology" partners in the project - APM, Data Sciences, University of the West of England and University College London - will design and implement the distributed infrastructure. Traffic equipment supply company Golden River Traffic will design and implement the data service equipment.

Both the ARENA site and the DGT are at the forefront of traffic systems. In addition to gaining direct benefit, ARENA in particular will provide a valuable "showcase" facility for the completed project. All members of the project are committed to wide dissemination of its results.

The project members will also set up an exploitation committee which will draw up a "strawman" plan for opportunities for exploitation in the transport market. This plan will be produced during the first two quarters, and will be progressively refined and improved over the life of the project as well as discussed at the User Group.

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