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Content archived on 2024-05-14

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GOOD-DIE has developed an on-line selection and design database with comprehensive information on bare semiconductor die, allowing designers and manufacturers to find, assess and design dies quickly. GOOD-DIE marries the simplicity and accessibility of the Internet to a database of technical information, providing rapid access to the data from almost any personal computer (PC) or workstation using standard software. Data is held in a format which can be used in most relational database systems, ensuring portability. Table definitions cover all aspects related to die specification and the Component database provides various search criteria, including free-text or keyword searches on component and die descriptions. Information is available in portable document format (PDF) or as hard copy. Design data will also be available via the Selection database, which includes information on semiconductor manufacturers and suppliers. Existing known good die (KGD) standards for achieving quality bare die are incorporated and all major assembly technologies are covered. GOOD-DIE hopes to include links to simulation models, to allow circuit analysis before committing to hardware.

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