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Management services for object oriented distributed systems


The computer industry has embraced distributed objects as the middleware solution for application integration and distributed processing over the last few years. There is an emerging technology which is having more and more success in this field: the standards based initiative from the Object Management Group (OMG) called CORBA. While this technology is clearly focused on enabling applications, possibly consisting of many millions of objects, it does not include a standards based approach to the management of those objects.

The field of management technology has been dominated by industry efforts spearheaded by both the telecommunications and computer communications sectors. Products based on CMIS/CMIP and SNMP have achieved immense penetration in their respective market sectors.

As more CORBA systems go into production, the need to manage them increases. Users wish to manage these systems in a consistent manner from existing tools with a proven track record. No such solution exists today.

The management of CORBA based systems is provided by a set of CORBA based Management Facilities. The project will define and implement these facilities in conformity with current activities of OMG and X/Open in this domain.

These facilities will be used both by CORBA based management applications and by existing standards based management tools. This twofold and inter-operable use of the Management Facilities results in a significant enrichment of the CORBA environment and in the integration of standard management with CORBA.

By project end, the consortium will have the following tangible results in place:

- Specification and implementation of a set of CORBA based Common Facilities for management,
- CORBA extensions to include management capabilities,
- Management Applications enabled to manage both CORBA and non-CORBA objects,
- Integration of CORBA within a standard management environment,
- A Pilot Site for demonstrating the project result, during and after the project duration,
- Input and participation with the ongoing standardisation activities.

Bull are bringing their ISM/OpenMaster product as the baseline implementation of systems and network management and their competence in management and CORBA. IONA are bringing Orbix, the leading CORBA implementation. MARI and Fraunhofer IITB are bringing their CORBA competence and their background in systems management. CSELT are bringing the end user applications and, together with ESA/ESRIN, the expertise needed to validate, test and deploy the solutions developed in the course of this project.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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