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- The creation of analogue behavioural models which allow description and simulation of whole system (mechanical components, micromechanical systems, magnetic fields, electrical force, flows, pneumatic behaviour etc.).

- Standardisation of the analogue behavioural language.

- Linking different simulators for behavioural simulation and "classical" network analysis; digital simulators for behavioural and gate level simulation and connection with mathematically oriented programs (e.g. A-HDL, HF-Spectre, SPICE, Verilog, VHDL).

- Creation of models suitable for high level analogue behavioural description which describe precisely the analogue physical reality with all relevant dependencies.

- Combination of the analogue-digital simulator with effective analysis tools. - Links with special simulators e.g. HF simulators, description within frequency domain or filter simulators.

- Hierarchical analogue back annotation between behavioural simulation and layout with VAMPIRE.

MISIDESY aims to extend the power of analogue-digital design in Europe. The result of the project will be a continuous front-to-back and bottom-to-top design flow tested with real industrial examples that will work with analogue behavioural languages for analogue-digital systems. The latest commercial tools will be tested within the programme.
From the advances in the digital field and the rising importance of complex mixed-signal ASICs it follows that what is needed, is to develop analogue design to the level of digital design. What is needed is the establishment of modern methodologies and tools. This will also bring mixed-signal design within the scope of SMEs.
Thesys will train selected designers in the new methods, and use an analogue custom design as a demonstrator for design work using an A-HDL system description.

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Thesys Gesellschaft fuer Mikroelectronik Gmbh
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