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Games in Logic: Reaching Out To Classical Game Theory


"Logic in Games" is an important area of research using the concept of procedural activities with interdependency in mathematical logic (model theory and proof theory), foundations of mathematics (set theory), computer science (automata theory, computation al complexity theory), computational linguistics (formal semantics and pragmasemantics) and philosophy (theory of rationality). Despite the importance and width of scope of "Logic in Games", it is but a small part of research on games: The methodology and the language of games are central to many social conventions and formalizations of social phenomena. The scope of games stretches to include economics, social sciences, and psychology. Traditionally, the interaction between "Logic and Games" and this wider scope of game theory has been very limited which we see as a lamentable deficiency. The aim of the fellowship GLoRiClass is to educate young researchers who are knowledgeable in all parts of the "Logic and Games" community, apply techniques from the wider scope of game theory and reach out to those researchers not in logic. This demanding goal presupposes a spirit of interdisciplinarity. It will be reached by 1. broadly educating the early stage researchers in all relevant research areas from "Logic in Gam es", 2. tackling research problems in "Logic and Games" that are motivated by the wealth of game-related literature that exists outside of the logic community. The convergence of different ideas and techniques in "Logic and Games", as well as the currentl y developing contacts with researchers from economical game theory yield a unique and urgent opportunity to develop a new kind of future researcher in logical game theory. The track record of the organizers of GLoRiClass in terms of internationality, inter disciplinarity and early stage research training is exemplary, and will ensure the success of the project.

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