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Process control and air cleaner application with recognition of gases and flavours using a smart microsystem


- Design and development of thin-film semiconductor oxide gas sensors on a silicon substrate. Miniaturisation and high integration techniques will be used to achieve low production cost, large number of sensors per wafer and performance reproducibility.

- Specific development of a new generation of gas sensors by integrating them on the same chip, resulting in a monolithic multisensor array.

- Unique combination of expertise in process knowledge, sensor technology and data analysis for implementation of smart gas-odour detection microsystems.

- Advanced neural network algorithms for adaptivity, robustness of measurements and error-free analysis.

- Application of such gas detection microsystems into the next generation of domestic air cleaners of the Product Division of Philips DAP.

- Application of the odour recognition system to process (or quality) monitoring in the field of off-flavour and contaminant detection related to packaging.

The objective of the project is to demonstrate and implement smart microsystems for gas analysis and odour recognition based on state-of-the-art sensor technologies, data processing and analysis techniques.

The project will be strongly application driven and address two areas:

- domestic appliances (air cleaner) for gas detection (CO, NOx, SO2, HCHO)
- process and quality control in food industry applications (detection of off-flavours and volatile based raw material defects and product classification).

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