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Doctorate Training in Tuberculosis and HIV Infections


Chronic infectious diseases constitute the main disease burden in developing countries and an increasing health problem in the Central European countries, which recently have joined the European Union. In particular tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS result in more deaths than any other infectious disease, globally. The two causative pathogens, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Human Immunodeficiency Virus, very often infect the same host, which leads to the accelerated death of the double-infected individual.

The precise mechanisms responsible for the frequent liaison between tuberculosis and HIV infections are not known. The THI-DOC project will offer an opportunity of integrated studies of the association between these two major pathogens explored at the level of host cell and of whole organism using a wide variety of experimental approaches and state-of-the-art techniques. The THI-DOC project will provide integrated training in infection biology, cellular pathogenesis, immunology, molecular epidemiology and the development of novel diagnostics and vaccines against tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. The program encompasses 3-year training of postgraduate students to obtain a doctor degree.

The program consists of:
i) research projects carried out under individual tutorage
ii) a course, seminar and workshop program and
iii) evaluation committees for assessment of research protocols and results.

The implementation of the THI-DOC project will provide necessary training for Early Stage Researchers from Member States and Third States in which tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS constitute a growing danger to the public health. Spread of knowledge and transfer of know-how will contribute to increased European competitiveness. In addition the THI-DOC project will reinforce the training capability of Host Institutions.

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