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Remote maintenance for facility exploitation


The European industrial community has to reduce operative costs in order to maintain and better to improve its world-wide competitiveness. This will be the industrial objective of the late 90's.

Among some other factors allowing to reduce drastically the operation cost. Maintenance is one of the key factors. Today maintenance functions are split into several subfunctions supported by separate IT systems, without organisation and consistency in their development strategies.

Within the scope of new Intelligent Production Systems and Equipment, the European industrial community has to develop new IT solutions that propose to meet the industrial objective to reduce maintenance cost while improving maintenance operation.

The REMAFEX project aims at defining and proposing these new solutions with a Distributed Maintenance System which manages the global maintenance activity for manufacturing facilities.

Expected REMAFEX added value is to provide rational, consistent and global answers and IT solutions to the maintenance challenge of the late 90's, which today is partially solved in a specific way by the industrial community.

To meet these objectives, the approach consists of:
- Proposing a systemic model of an expandable Distributed Maintenance System integrated into the new and global Intelligent Production Systems and Equipment (control, maintenance and technical management).
- Defining maintenance user needs, all along the plant life cycle, in accordance with geographical implementation, company strategies and the relevant control, maintenance and technical management expertise and organisation.
- Constituting their distributed facility knowledge database in a stepwise fashion, so as to gather all maintenance information, allowing to master the maintenance operation in real time and/or to predict it in the medium and long terms by reducing the maintenance cost.
- The distributed knowledge database is an important step for the project and constitutes the maintenance expertise of the facility.
- Supplying IT solutions with the REMAFEX Distributed Maintenance System and its inherent innovative functions that allow, local maintenance actions, remote maintenance actions and reactions of the facility maintenance operators and experts to all possible maintenance issues.

The REMAFEX Distributed Maintenance System will be validated in one industrial sector where maintenance cost problems are patent and acute : hydro-power generation.

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