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Computer Aided Surgery training for Physicians and Engineers


With respect to the current demographic development and a growing demand for medical therapy, minimally invasive therapy and computer-assisted surgery becomes increasingly important. In future, such modern methods will revolutionise medical supply both in European countries and worldwide, as these methods promise a more precise and less traumatic outcome and an overall improvement of interventions. In order to apply and advance highly complex technology and encourage research in this field, exceptionally well-trained engineers and physicians are indispensable. Since there are not many of these experts available, who are equally well versed in both disciplines, the installation of technologically ultra-modern operating theatres in European hospitals is going on slowly.

In COMPU SURGE engineers and physicians are trained together in an interdisciplinary environment that is highly advanced in this field. The programme will play a pioneer role in the training of medical engineering. Two-person teams consisting of one surgeon and one engineer will work on practical projects in tight cooperation. This will establish a mutual understanding between medically and technically educated students. The innovative concept of systematic training of engineers within the clinic al environment has not yet been used so far. If excellence centres are strengthened and European networking is supported, the implementation of modern computer-assisted surgery will proceed. As the current state of the art has not yet been systematically e valuated, it is important to perform large European multi-centre studies in order to boost confidence in such technologies.

The programme is promising an extraordinary outcome in the form of intelligent and usable systems for modern computer-assisted surgery, as well as highly educated researchers for excellent international research careers. The promising concept is planned to be extended to other European universities after the test stage in COMPU SURGE.

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