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Integrated META information management

Exploitable results

The main result of the IMIM project is the software package BRIDGE. BRIDGE is a system that can be integrated into an existing statistical production system. It has powerful possibilities to store metadata, the references between them and the links to the real data. BRIDGE is based on an object-oriented Data Base Management System (ODABA2). The Graphical User Interface can be adapted to the specific needs of an office. Application Programming Interface functions support the development of application specific features. With the help of export/import functions the system can be linked together with other existing metadata systems. The system supports a step by step migration to BRIDGE. The scope of the migration can be determined by the user. The BRIDGE system supports the statistics production process. It can be used in all phases of statistics production from the design of a statistical survey to the dissemination of results. It will support an efficient management of metadata and offer possibilities to use metadata directly to control parts of the statistics production process. The implementation philosophy of BRIDGE allows a stepwise migration from existing metadata systems to BRIDGE. The system should be of interest for statistical offices and companies dealing with large data sources. BRIDGE uses an object-oriented approach. Compared with the often used relational approach, the system makes it easy to implement a large number of different references between used terms. It also allows the same term to be defined in different contexts. BRIDGE can be considered as a new approach to solving problems of metadata use efficiently. It supports the use of available data resources by different kinds of users. Project URL :