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Omi and technology in ADA and C for reliable safety critical hard real-time systems


One of the major strategic goals of OMI is the development and industrial production of software and hardware tools. Focusing on the software components, the Architecture Neutral Distribution Format (ANDF) technology is identified as the key element for the minimization of the distribution cost of applications, not only inside the OMI community, but also beyond it. The project intends, first of all, to evaluate the performance of ANDF technology when it is used not only to retarget the language, but also the processor environment.

In more detail:

-· Extending the library of ANDF tools for safety critical applications:
Special language features and safety critical requirements for the creation of embedded applications will be incorporated into producer and eventually installer. The currently available installers cover only widely spread microprocessors such as Intel 80x86, MIPS, and the like. In deeply embedded applications, derivatives of these chips are normally used, being microcontrollers rather than microprocessors. The workplan comprises installer development for specific controllers for embedded systems such as SAB 80C167, named ST10 at SGS-THOMSON. The developed installer will also have specific features for safety critical applications.

-· Application to hard real-time systems:
Thomson-CSF will use this technology to improve their current and future development for vetronics braking systems, including reliability analysis. A factor of major importance is that these applications are safety critical, so that the feasibility and superiority of ANDF technology in this context will be demonstrated.

-· Extending the OMI/Tools Set:
Advanced Informatics will develop a methodology and implement the appropriate algorithms in order to support safety and reliability analysis of hard real-time systems, leading to the development of a tool but not in the context of this project, of crucial necessity when ANDF Technology is used (retargeting). The performed analysis will be applied to SAB 80C167 processor. All methods in this project will be made available to the OMI community on favourable terms.

-· Extension of the ANDF Technology use:
Furthermore, the project aims at the knowledge transfer and exploitation of the benefits of ANDF technology to new market areas in Europe. In this scope, Advanced Informatics will develop tools based on ANDF technology and will also act as a gateway to promote the ANDF technology in Greece. Thomson-CSF through its subsidiary Thomson Software Products (TSP) will be a vector for the producers and installers issued from this project's results. This subsidiary is well prepared to disseminate the results successfully thanks to its world wide business structure and origin (TSP derives partially from Telesoft and ALSYS). iXpoint has a great deal of experience in promoting platform-independent software and will market the ANDF technology mainly in Germany where ANDF is relatively unknown.
The exploitation of the results of this project will be done in four different ways by:

- one large industrial group using it for its own internal industrial needs,
- one subsidiary company of this large group in its role as a software producer and distributor,
- one SME exploiting the results and incorporating them into its tools suite dedicated to real time systems,
- one other SME exploiting the results coming from research institutions.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Thomson Csf
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Participants (3)

Advanced Informatics Ltd
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Ixpoint Informations Systeme
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Universitat Karlsruhe/Inst.Angew.Mathematik
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