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Ecololgical and Evolutionary Response to Climatic Variation - Marie Curie Early Stage Research Training in Oslo (CEES-MCO)


A major scientific challenge of today is to understand how rapid climatic change may affect the biosphere. To predict and understand future ecological and evolutionary responses to climatic change we need to combine the knowledge on how past and present climatic change affects ecological and evolutionary processes. Such insight is essential if we are to develop sustainable strategies for management, conservation and rehabilitation of ecosystems' strategies that will form the fundament for appropriate decision- and policy-making. The CEES-MCO is a unique interdisciplinary training programme designed to meet these challenges.

The main issues are:
- How does climatic change affect the structure and dynamics of ecosystems?
- How does climate affect the link between short-term ecological and long-term evolutionary processes?
- How will future anthropogenic activity affect the ecological and evolutionary processes?
- How does climatic change affect the rates of speciation and extinction?
- How will sustainable resource management (bio-economical management) be affected by climate change?

The strength of the proposed CEES-MCO training programme lies in the unique integration of innovative techniques in biology, statistics and mathematics to analyse and predict the effects of climatic changes and anthropogenic activity on ecological and evolutionary processes. This knowledge is needed to develop strategies for sustainable management of natural resources, the development of which constitute part of the CEES-MCO programme. Accordingly, the training programme bridges the gap between basic and applied science. The Centre of Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES), Department of Biology, University of Oslo, represents a truly interdisciplinary scientific environment coordinating several international networks and training programmes. Through the CEES-MCO programme this competence will become available to students from other parts of Europe.

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