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Iota-intelligent object tracking and analysis using smart sensor technology


The objective of the project is to develop highly programmable imaging systems for a wide range of industrial applications which can be tightly integrated with dedicated processors and sensors.

To demonstrate the system an intelligent object tracking and analysis system will be implemented addressing the following applications: the integration of a high-resolution sensor and parallel processing array for the real-time, on-line measurement of three-dimensional eye movements; and the integration of a dedicated sensor and processor configuration for contact-free measurement of the point-of-regard for the active control of computer systems and other equipment by visual fixation. Central to the project is the exploitation of present state-of-the-art VLSI technology to develop a high-resolution smart-sensor chip. Using current sub-micron CMOS processes will yield a chip design capable of supporting a pixel density of more than 512{2}. Based on existing smart-sensor technology developed by Integrated Vision Products this device would permit sampling rates of up to 1000 images per second. A control interface will be developed for the programming of the imaging elements and the on-chip processors. A high-speed data interface to a scalable array of signal processors will also be developed. This configuration will permit a wide range of application-specific algorithms to be implemented for the identification and analysis of complex objects. A further general-purpose interface will communicate with standard computer systems.


Ivp Integrated Vision Products Ab
Teknikringen 2C
58330 Linkoping

Participants (2)

Freie Universitat Berlin
Hindenburgdamm 30
12200 Berlin
Sensomotoric Instruments Gesellschaft fur Innovative Sensorik Mbh
Potsdamerstrasse 18A
14513 Teltow