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Computational tools and industrial applications of complexity


The objective of the project is to develop new powerful and robust analytical and numerical algorithms for the analysis, prediction and control of complex systems of different types and to produce relevant software for industrial applications.

Complexity, self-organisation, chaos and resonances are key features of all realistic systems. These features demand new computational tools for information processing in unstable systems. The project will demonstrate the practical use of these new tools to complex systems by addressing seven industrial applications.

The envisaged applications include advanced analysis of electrocardiograms, in-vivo imaging of human skin tissues for the diagnosis of burns and skin cancer, new quantum nanoelectronic devices, simulation of turbulent flow, control methods for the management of information systems and plants, and use of remote sensing images for agriculture and environmental monitoring.

The consortium will exploit the results of the project by licensing the software to industrial end users and by the development of an optical coherence tomography product which will meet dermatological requirements for the treatment of burns, tumours and melanoma and market needs for estimating the diffusion of cosmetics within the skin.

The project is a joint collaboration among the participants listed below together with a network of collaborators from the International Solvay Institutes from Europe and Russia.

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