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Exploitable results

NORMIC, the Nordic manufacturing cluster (MC5) in the EUROPRACTICE framework offers a complete service from feasibility studies and design through manufacturing, packaging and testing. The services are based on bulk micromachining for manufacturing of silicon microsystems in the SensoNor volume processing facility. The provision of a complete solution of microsystem design, manufacturing, packaging and testing is seen as the major factor to release the potential of businesses with microsystem (MST) requirements. SensoNor started up foundry services in silicon microsystems in 1997, offering a manufacturing infrastructure focused on microsystems based on bulk silicon micromachining technology and low cost plastic transfer molded packages. As an important part of this foundry service, we have teamed up with associated design centres in the Nordic countries and Spain, making up the NORMIC consortium approved and sponsored by the European Commission as a Europractice Manufacturing Cluster under the ESPRIT IV Programme of DG III. The partners are: SensoNor (N), VTT Electronics (FIN), MIC (DK), DELTA (DK), SINTEF (N), CNM/D+T (E) and IMC (S). Project URL: