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Europort dissemination and demonstration


The project focuses on the application of previously parallelised codes to real industrial and commercial problems. The experience gained through this and in the EUROPORT porting activity will be used as the basis for an ambitious and wide-ranging dissemination campaign aimed at convincing industrial and commercial endusers that HPCN is a relevant technology. This campaign will emphasise the real business benefits and competitive advantage which HPCN can provide in many industrial sectors. The project builds on the results of the highly successful EUROPORT-1 and EUROPORT-2 projects in which some 38 industrially and commercially relevant codes were ported to parallel architectures with striking results.

Ten so-called deployment sub-projects have been selected from a variety of areas including such diverse applications as cartoon animation and fire and explosion simulation. Within each of these sub-projects a parallelised code will be deployed into an end-user organisation and the effectiveness of the new technology measured, using metrics focused on the end-user's business.


Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
Schloss Birlinghoven
53754 Munich

Participants (1)

Smith System Engineering Ltd
United Kingdom
Surrey Research Park
GU2 5YP Guildford