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The aim of this project is to provide European input to and dissemination of the development of three major international standards in the area of HPCN, namely High Performance Fortran (HPF-2), the standard Message Passing Interface (MPI-2), and a standard set of parallel kernels and benchmarks (Parkbench).

These standardisation activities take place mainly in the USA, and in order to influence their outcome Europeans need voting rights. This requires attendance at meetings in the USA and elsewhere. In this project a fixed team, chosen for their expertise in appropriate fields, will participate in meetings of the relevant standardisation committees, namely the HPF Forum (HPFF), the MPI Forum (MPIF) and the Parkbench group. The project will ensure the early dissemination of the emerging HPF-2, MPI-2 and Parkbench standards to European industry and academia, and enable feedback from them. A workshops will be arranged to disseminate information on relevant tools being used and developed by academia and industry. This workshop, open to all interested parties, will include speakers from Europe and the USA.

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Southampton Ocenagraphic Centre, European Way
SO14 3ZH Southampton
United Kingdom

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