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Integration of particulate abatement, removal of trace elements and tar reforming in one biomass steam gasification reactor yielding high purity syngas for efficient CHP and power plants


This proposal aims at a compact version of a gasifier by integrating the fluidized bed steam gasification of biomass and the hot gas cleaning and conditioning system into one reactor vessel. Such arrangement will guarantee the conversion of tar, elimination of trace elements and an efficient abatement of the particulate, delivering high purity syngas, suitable to assure a substantial share of power generation even in small- to medium-scale (few MWth) CHP and power plants, and to increase the overall economic revenue, in line with the FP7 energy directives. It is expected that this innovation will provide a concrete contribution to the target fixed in the work programme of reducing the cost of electricity obtained by means of advanced gasification systems below 0.04 €/kWh in 2020. The strategy of the work plan is designed to: (i) carry out systematic investigations into the development of catalytic and sorbent materials and verify their effectiveness to improve gas quality at real gasification conditions with tests at bench- to pilot-scale (up to 100kWth); (ii) evaluate the purity of syngas against existing cleaning and conditioning systems, by means of a “proof of concept” in the Güssing gasification plant, and the compatibility towards advanced power generation systems, by means of electricity production tests with a SOFC unit; (iii) assess technical feasibility of process simplification and intensification actions by means of design and operation of an integrated gasification and hot gas cleaning and conditioning fluidized bed prototype reactor (1 MWth), at a significant scale to provide sufficient and reliable information for industrial applications. This ambitious project relates well to the complementary expertises of applicants. Consortium also includes the stakeholders relevant to assure the necessary impact for dissemination and exploitation of the results, and to promote in the medium term industrial applications for the commercialisation of the innovation.

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