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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Sensors for chemical species on luminescence decay time measurement


To start from the existing technology base in intensity-based optical oxygen sensors and measurement systems, and to introduce the luminescence decay time measurement into these systems.
To investigate new oxygen sensitive luminescent dyes, Pt and Pd complexes of porphyrin-ketones, suitable for sensors and their application in the measurement systems.
To develop, based on the new sensors, simplified optics and new production techniques for the mass production of cheap measurement units and to characterise these units to fulfil the specifications under all environmental conditions.
To design an integrated circuit for signal generation, acquisition and processing which together with an Analogue to Digital Converter and a microcontroller can implement all processing required for a vector time measurement system.
The preparation of the commercialisation of opto-chemical sensors in blood gas analysis and in water analysis in industrial and environmental applications

QUANTUM aims to develop portable instruments for the measurement of oxygen in water analysis and during blood gas analysis. The instruments will be based on luminescence decay time measurement rather than luminescence intensity measurement. The project encompasses the development of two complete systems including opto-chemical sensors, optics, opto-electronics and instrumentation assembly. The high stability of sensors based on luminescence decay time measurement can be exploited to eliminate field calibration or to restrict this calibration to a one point test, reducing the cost and widening the application range of these sensors in industry and for environmental monitoring.

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