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Statistical usage testing for industrial user


Software testing is an expensive and essential part of the software development process. Continuous improvement of the quality and efficiency of the function test, that is one part of the test activities, is thus important.

The objective of the STUT-IU project is to demonstrate that application of Statistical Usage Testing (STUT) method to function test is feasible. This project will show that it is possible to take this kind of method in industrial use. It will also point out the benefits of the STUT method in our application domain.


One function from each of the six function classes in the baseline project is selected and the STUT method is applied to selected functions. Results of application are evaluated with regard to the traditional function test method.

STUT is a black-box test method in which test cases are sampled from a usage model of the function. The usage model is a state machine that describes usage scenarios. Test cases are automatically generated from the model by Monte-Carlo simulation method. Based on results of test execution reliability estimates can be calculated for the function.

The baseline project is related to development and function test of new software in a digital mobile telephone system. The baseline project is one of the projects conducted in Telecom R&D product development division at LM Ericsson. The division employs currently over 500 people.


It is expected that we are able to create a beneficial industrial application of the STUT method in our application domain. The efficiency of function test process should be improved and therefore the quality of the software will be increased.

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