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Process modelling techniques research working group


The main objectives of PROMOTER 2 are to exploit this emerging european research community, and its strong links with industrial partners, to collectively deepen remaining open issues, to coordinate research activities, and to support dissemination of results.

Its work is based on a few simple observations: IT systems are becoming more closely integrated with the business, business systems evolve, then IT systems MUST evolve at the same rate...

Five directions have been identified:

- Software process evolution: standard model fragments, control procedures, data migration, transient processes... etc, to support various process evolution strategies
- Federated Environments: federation of environments through tools integration and environments interoperability, links with Corba, Ole2, Internet, etc. federated development.
- Model development: acquisition techniques as well as model fragment fusion, integration and/ or extensions, process model life cycle.
- Links with Related Domains: such as CSCW , Workflow management, Business Processes, standardisation efforts,...etc.
- Research orientation and co-ordination: forces organisation to progress, adaptation to new information vehicles and tools, identification of trends,

Promoter 2 will actively participate to the RENOIR Network of Excellence, to further disseminate software process technology into real industrial and business settings and to exploit feedback from the network and capitalise on it for further investigations.

Results dissemination will also be done through the continuing series of EWSPT workshops, published as Lectures Notes by Springer Verlag, and through a document available for publication.
The main achievements of PROMOTER can be summarized as follows:

- Establishment of a series of European Workshops on Software Process Technology: EWSPT; proceedings are published by Springer Verlag as LNCS n° 635,772,913.
- Creation of working groups to support co-operation between European researchers and provide common material for training and for publishing books.
- Publication of a book illustrating the results of several European research efforts: "Software Process Modelling and Technology" A. Finkestein, J. Kramer, B. Nuseiben editors, RSP ISBN 0 86380 169 2, Wiley 0 471 95206 0
- Preparation of a second book, entitled "Software Process Technology Principles", it presents the synthesis we did on the different aspects of the technology: metaprocess, process modeling languages, architecture, transactions, social aspects of software process perspectives....To appear mid 96
More and more, software process technology will be the key technology for supporting workflow management, business process evolution and software quality. PROMOTER.2 is proposed to consolidate and advance the leading position Europe has acquired in this area.

Promoter 2 follows the BRA Working Group PROMOTER started in 1992. PROMOTER has been instrumental in establishing a European community of software process researchers that has reached a high level of cohesion and competitiveness with respect to Japanese and American counterparts.

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