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Sex-dependent gene expression in human tissues


Are genes randomly located around the genome? Recent studies suggest not. Other data also suggest that sex chromosomes contain an unusual assembly of genes. In this project we want to study genes whose expression is sex biased, but not necessarily sex specific. Many hormonal, anatomical and behavioural differences exist in males and females. One expects that these differences in sexes arise from the differences in gene expression. Are these differentially expressed genes more or less prevalent on sex chromosomes? And might the sex biased gene expression be related to differential susceptibility to disease of the two sexes? It is well known that some diseases are more common in females than males and vice versa. Understanding the sex-specific differences in gene expression might also then be of great help for both diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

There are only few large-scale analyses of the differential gene expression in male and female tissues and they are on organisms other than humans. There is great need for a comparative study of the gene expression in human males and females. We will approach this problem by analysing large amounts of human gene expression data, from normal as well as diseased tissues, which is collected in the numerous public databases. We will identify differentially expressed genes in the tissues from individuals of different sexes and analyse their distribution on different chromosomes. The sex dependent differential gene expression in normal and diseased tissue will be correlated with available disease statistics. This will be the first large scale comparative study of sex-dependent gene expression in human, which has application in genetics, physiology and medicine' s major research areas in Europe. The project will help in speeding up related research in third country by transfer of knowledge gained during the study. Thus this project, which links genomic research to health, will lead to long-term collaborations.

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