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LASERLAB-EUROPE, an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I3) in FP6, combines the majority of the largest national laboratories in the area of laser-based inter-disciplinary research at the European level. Together they represent a comprehensive collection of modern laser technologies and laser research, and pursue applications in sciences and life sciences through in-house research and services to the relevant communities. They are complemented within the Consortium by selected laboratories with special expertise and equipment which are crucial for the further development of the field. LASERLAB-EUROPE combines 17 laser infrastructures from 9 European countries, including new EU member states. The present Continuation Project will be called LASERLAB-EUROPE CONTINUATION (LLEC). It is in its composition and goals largely identical with LASERLAB-EUROPE. The overall concept of LLEC is the continuation of the activities defined under the Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I3) activity of FP6, using the methods and objectives described below, and aiming at the integration of national laser infrastructures to form a powerful and effective “virtual infrastructure” of Pan-European dimension. Objectives Networking and Integration: The integration process among the participating European Laser Infrastructures will be strengthened and continued during the continuation period of LLEC, using the functionalities of the present internet platform as well as other means. Networking activities include management, publicity and dissemination of results, equipment and staff development strategies, User relations, and strategic foresight activities. Trans-National Access: The LLEC Consortium will continue to engage in the trans-national Access Programme in a highly co-ordinated fashion, providing essential services to the community. Specifically, it will provide more than 700 days of Access during the project period.

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