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Batch control integrated and integrated manufacturing execution

Exploitable results

A complete conceptual definition of modular integrated production management for batch processes has been attained. This comprises models and guidelines for integrating batch control, production planning and business management systems supporting the manufacturing supply chain in terms of information and operation. Integrating the manufacturing supply chain leads to increased responsiveness to changing market requirements and quality, whilst cycle times and costs will be reduced. The main result comprises 5 major deliverables which in turn reflect the activities of the work-groups to derive the result. The work-groups articulated the business requirements and expected benefits of integrated applications to support the complete manufacturing supply chain for process batch industries. In order to arrive at a common architecture and standards in this field, the manufacturing supply chain business processes are modelled and verified against a plant model. The state of the market is mapped against the identified business processes and functions. The deliverables referred to all are documents dealing with the following subjects: business and user profiles, practises and needs, including a methodology and checklists to determine company specific requirements and benefits; market profile/trends definition; manufacturing execution chain model specifying its architecture and functions; benchmark of a virtual manufacturing plant model which serves as a reference application; dissemination of results, guidelines, proposals to standardization bodies. The results are targeted to the European batch oriented industry and to international standardisation bodies currently active in this domain. They will assist in implementing an integrated manufacturing supply chain faster and in a standardized way through better understanding of business requirements, manufacturing supply chain processes and available product groups.