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Pay-roll accounting and settlement system


PASS (Pay-roll Accounting and Settlement System) is a new business project. Its business purpose is to develop a modular, platform independent, integrated networked software system satisfying functional requirements of EU standards in public accountancy and applicable for the Hungarian as well as for the international market. The system will provide direct service among Employers, Employees and Banks.

The objective of the PIE is to improve the control of the development process (QA Unit, structured system analysis, improved testing process, efficient project planning, ISO 9001 documentation). Increasing the maturity level to 3 (at least 2.5). In certain attributes level 4. Compliance with ISO 9001 requirements.

The experiment consists in substantial improvements in:

Organisation (quality management, project management, training)
Methodology (quality manual, documented process, standardised testing methods, measurement)
Technology (Object Oriented Programming Module Library, configuration and change management, graphical planning tools)

MemoLuX Ltd is steadily growing and is managing larger and larger projects. While introducing best practices the company will effectively manage a higher number of projects in the future by reusing lessons learned. MemoLuX will benefit from having better control of the software development process, from the achievement of a quantitative view of the production process, from the higher credibility among Hungarian and EU customers through improved Bootstrap maturity profile and an increased level of compliance with ISO 9001.
ISCN runs a dissemination business line including an annual conference about process improvement, a WWW process improvement newsbox, as well as training's (a European training initiative called PICO - Process Improvement Combined approach), and the PIE results will be broadly disseminated through these means. Further ISCN establishes a set of metrics to be used in MemoLuX allowing to conclude the experience in quantitative terms. In addition ISCN is associated partner in an ESSI dissemination action EPIC which organises a number of Internet based video workshops connecting distributed local workshops together. One topic discussed is concerning banking and the Hungarian PIE PASS will be included in these workshops.


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