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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Software quality environment and measurements


Due to the rapid pace of technology evolution and the increasing complexity of the projects, it has been decided to establish a Quality infrastructure and a Measurement System to provide information about the current situation. This will help achieve a continuos process improvement and increasing quality, productivity and client's satisfaction.


The experiment will apply the following Standards and Models to define a Quality Model for the whole system area: Demings, IEEE, SEI, ISO 9001. We have constituted two work groups working in parallel to define a Quality Model and a Measurement Program. This experiment is divided into 3 Work Packages:

- WP1 deals with requirements definition and refinement of needs.
- WP2 Project Development, relates to the establishment a Quality Model and a Metrics Program based on international standards and supported with tools. Training is considered as a major requirement to reach the goal.
- WP3 is the implementation on the baseline project. We have selected "Other Companies Billing" which requires accurate timing and quality.

After the evaluation of the results there is a plan to disseminate them.

Iberia Sistemas employs 600 persons, 12 of them are involved in SQUEME project.

EXPECTED IMPACT AND EXPERIENCE SQUEME is expected to give improved clients satisfaction and better management capabilities taking into account projects and services rendered by IT. Once we know our productivity and Quality level, we will be able to start an improvement plan in some areas.

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