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Object oriented software development: an integrated approach


The objective of the project is to:

- Introduce a standard integrated software development approach that includes: iterative development steps, object oriented programming techniques, and object oriented management issues.
- Apply the method to a well-defined and typical software baseline project.
- Evaluate and disseminate the results to the organisation. Determine whether object oriented technologies with benefit could be applied into the business in a broader scale.

The expected results are increase of:

- productivity of software development
- reuse of software components
- quality and reliability of software, and
- support by appropriate tools


The objectives above are achieved as follows:

a) Define an object oriented software development method based on Rumbaugh OMT, modified and extended to fit into the software development of the organisation. Produce a draft of a future software development handbook based on object oriented technologies.
b) Use the specified software method on a baseline project. Here is focused on experimenting with:

- Fast prototyping
- Iterative steps with OO analysis, design, and implementation
- Object oriented reuse aspects

c) Evaluate the results against predefined success criteria and determine whether the new method should be implemented in the organisation on a broad scale.

The baseline project DEHAWK MMI is part of a large software intensive Command and Control system called DEHAWK. The DEHAWK MMI implements the Man Machine Interface to DEHAWK and shall be able to display a "situational picture" on a special purpose workstation


With the software process improvements described in the project, the company will be more attractive to customers as a contractor of integrated electronic systems because of:

- shorter development time of software components,
- compliance with new software standards, and
- better compliance between user requirements and actual implemented system.

In addition, the company will be more attractive as a company for potential high qualified employees because of the:

- general raise of the educational level of the employees concerning software development, and
- use of frontier software development processes and tools.


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