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Nanoparticles-reinforced materials: novel design concepts and methods of tailoring for vibration damping


A novel concept of nano-particle vibration damping shows the effect that molecule-level mechanism can have on the damping and that nano-particles/fibres/tubes-reinforced materials can provide enhanced strength and vibration damping properties. It is particularly worth noting that carbon nano-tubes and spider silk can act as a simple nano-scale spring. The mechanisms involved in such materials need to be understood and the relevance to damping identified. Manufacturing design concepts and modelling techniques fo r the next generation of vibration damping systems are technology gaps that need urgent consideration. The focus in this project is directed toward to the investigation into carbon-based nano-particle-reinforced materials and coating systems and their dynamic/damping characterization. Computational work to be formulated in terms of meso- and nano-scopic ideas of damping behavior will be concentrated on multi-scale modelling of damping behaviour as a function of frequency, amplitude and temperature. A particular aim of the project is the tailoring of structural nanoparticle-reinforced materials for vibration damping. Simultaneous optimization of damping, stiffness, weight and cost of a class of nanoparticle-reinforced materials can be carried out. By establishing a strong linkage between the multidisciplinary sciences (material sciences, chemistry and mechanics), the proposed research will address both theoretical and applied aspects. The project will create a platform for the development of damping materials and manufacturing design concepts for the future generation of damping materials. The outcome of the project is expected to have wide-ranging technical benefits with direct relevance to industry in areas of transportation (aerospace, automotive, rail) and civil infrastructure development. However, the goal will be aerospace gas turbine applications and the next generation of fan blades.

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