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Document management and test procedure improvement


TEKNIKER as a Technological Research Centre develops a large amount of projects in different areas. The number and complexity of the projects generates problems in the generation and maintenance of the documentation. These projects should be tested in an efficient and rigorous mode. TEKNIKER is involved in a process of quality assurance following UNE-EN-ISO-9001 standard.
The objectives of the project are the generation of new procedures that following UNE-EN-ISO-9001 control the document generation and management along the project life cycle and implement a full module testing and verification procedure.


The experiment will be focused in the Engineering and Support process categories of SPICE, the incoming ISO standard for software process assessments. The different procedures involved in software development will be analysed focusing in the information managed in these procedures and the way to disseminate along the development team the changes in documentation.
The use of Lotus Notes for management and dissemination, and Easy Case for production of documents will be analysed.

To fulfil the other objective of the project, the improvement of tests definition and production, an analysis of the conditions signalled by known methodologies like METRICA will be analysed and procedures and guides will be developed.

The baseline project of the experiment is a Design To Cost system that will provide the designers of automotive part components, technical and economic information in order to improve the quality of products, as well as minimise the costs derived from redesign.

TEKNIKER employs 85 people, 33 of them are involved in the production engineering department.


TEKNIKER expects as a result of the experiment to improve the quality of the results of the projects improving the quality of the procedures involved in the development. The experiment will help to fulfil some of the conditions pointed out by UNE-EN-ISO-9001.

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