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High efficiency consolidated bioprocess technology for lignocellulose ethanol


Lignocellulosic bioethanol has the potential of contributing to a sustainable and secure European energy supply for the transport sector. European research and industry is presently among the forerunners in developing lignocellulosic bioethanol. Although a number of technical breakthroughs have been achieved during the last decade, some key technical issues especially concerning the hydrolysis and fermentation still remain to be solved. In the HYPE project, a combined approach is used to develop a novel integrated concept for hydrolysis and fermentation of lignocellulosic feedstocks. Improved enzymatic hydrolysis, fermentation of all carbohydrates, process development as well as high flexibility to feedstocks and technical robustness are among the goals of HYPE. The technologies included in HYPE will be combined into a one unit continuous consolidated bioprocessing reactor including hydrolysis, fermentation and ethanol recovery. The consolidated bioprocessing developed in the HYPE project is expected to significantly improve the overall process economy through a reduced process time, improved enzyme efficiency and high yield of all carbohydrates. Among the tasks are development of new thermophilic and efficient enzymes, C6 and C5 fermentation using F. oxysporium and modified S. cerevisiae, high dry matter hydrolysis, adaptation to various feedstocks, consolidated process development, pilot-scale testing and overall evaluation of the technical and economical potential. The feedstocks to be included in the project are lignocellulosic agricultural and forest residues. The technical development within HYPE is closely integrated with pilot-scale testing at an advanced level, thus securing commercially feasible technologies. The HYPE project will be a major contribution to European technology development for accelerating the commercialization of 2nd generation bioethanol.

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