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Vital and viable services for natural resource management in Latin America


VIVACE is based on two conceptual pillars: on the one side innovative technical concepts for vital and viable services, and on the other, integrated analytical approaches and decision support tools. These two pillars are based on the emerging concepts for natural resource management emphasising reuse and recycling. They will be centred on peri-urban water management, but will include organic solid waste management, and agricultural water management. The “restricted biosphere” where VIVACE will test their tools is represented by rapidly developing urban or small town areas in Latin America, together with their rural/natural surroundings. The systems boundaries will be set on a case specific basis in such a way that the mutual impacts of water extraction and wastewater/waste disposal can be assessed. In each case study, VIVACE will analyse the impact of existing resource management practices (within the considered sectors) on the economic development in the region. This will allow the evaluation of the potential of proposed innovative concepts for safeguarding and or fostering economic development in a restricted biosphere. Integrated analytical approaches for decision support and strategic planning will then be developed and tested, with particular focus on tools for integrated and participatory assessment of these aspects. In this perspective, the two primary objectives of VIVACE will be: 1. To explore the existing potential and constraints of integrated resource planning, thereby contributing to the implementation of the Framework Programmes and the preparation of future Community research and technological development policy. 2. To interact with a wide range of societal actors (SMEs, civil society organisations and their networks, small research teams and research centres) in the activities of the thematic areas of the Cooperation programme.

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