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Towards total product management in technopolis OULU


The TPM consortium was formed by three software companies: QPR, Modera and Prosoft. Each of these companies have encountered a situation where handling of the increasing number of customer deliveries are becoming more and more difficult. Enhancing the maturity of software product management of the participating companies will make their whole software processes work more efficiently. Customers will get better and faster service with their problems, version and release management actions can be planned beforehand and resources are saved for product development.


The achievement of the project objectives above requires the improvement of product management practices and the implementation of methods and tools as follows:

a) Version Control and Configuration management. Standards for Version Control and Configuration Management processes are to be defined. Implementation of these standards demand a selection and installation of a suitable VC/CM tool.
b) Software Product Management. The number of existing solutions for this sector is very small at the moment. The most advanced Software Configuration Management models show the direction and are the basic guidelines. In addition to this also a lot of tailoring for TPM needs is needed.

The experiment will be performed around three different baseline projects that are: CostControl (QPR), Otter (Modera) and Esim (Prosoft). All the baseline projects are concerned with development of the main products of the corresponding companies.


QPR, Modera and Prosoft expect to gain know-how on managing customer deliveries, customer feedback and organising their production to support this. Along with the new implemented Software Product Management process a bigger number of customer contacts and deliveries will be managed with smaller amount of personnel resources. This makes it possible to spend more resources to product development.

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