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Integrated approaches to bioprocess optimization of bioactive substances production with plant in vitro systems


The Overall objective of the project is stable and long-lasting reintegration of Dr. Atanas Pavlov in the Stephan Angeloff Institute of Microbiology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. It will be achieved by fulfilment of multidisciplinary research on the basi s of biological, phytochemical and physiological knowledge of the Host institute and know how in bioprocess engineering, gained by Dr. Pavlov during his previous "Marie Curie" project in TU Dresden. The General objective of the scientific project is to eva luate integrated approaches to bioprocess optimization of alkaloid production with hairy root and shoot type plant in vitro systems, to analyze the relationships in the biological systems "Biorector /construction and enviroment/ - Plant in vitro culture - Product", and on this base to suggest decisions for the optimization and control of the biosynthetic processes. As model systems in the experimental work, diploid (2x) and tetraploid (4x) hairy root cultures of Datura stramonium, as well as shoot cultures of Galanthus elwesii and Pancratium maritimum will be used. For the achievment of the objectives of the project, different bioreactor types and systems with respect to cultivation of differentiated plant in vitro systems will be analyzed; alkaloid metaboli sm and the biological activity of the extracts of investigated cultures will be characterized; biosynthetic processes will be optimized; "Online" and "offline" strategies for measurement of the growth parameters of investigated plant in vitro systems will be developed; reasons for the "Over-flooding" effect, occuring during the cultivation of differentiated plant in vitro systems in bioreactors will be evaluated; biosynthesized alkaloid patterns during the cultivation of investigated plant in vitro systems in different bioreactor systems and in the intact plants will be analyzed; mathematic models, describing biochemical ways of alkaloid biosynthesis will be developed.

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