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Development and Application of finite element and meshfree methods for fluid-structure interaction


The objective of our project is to develop novel numerical tools for fluid structure interaction (FSI) and to apply these methods to problems in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering. The methods can be later on incorporated into commercial software. T he new methods and concepts will handle FSI in a more efficient and accurate manner and are interdisciplinary applicable. We use concepts such as IFEM, level sets and adaptivity. They are explained in detail in part B of the proposal. IFEM is a novel, efficient method for FSI problems. It will be coupled with level sets. Level sets are well suited to describe interfaces of geometrically complicated structures. They can also be exploited for modelling fracture and for pre- and post processing. Adaptive approaches will be used to refine along the fluid-structure interface in order to reduce computational cost and numerical errors. The project will be divided into three parts: modelling the FSI, modelling the fluid and modelling the structure. The first and largest part involves also efficient coding techniques such as parallelization, domain decomposition and multi-scale approaches in time. These techniques will improve the overall efficiency of the software. The second part will address details such as locking and stabilization. In the last part, our methods will be applied to a variety of problems in aerospace and aeronautical engineering. Here constitutive modelling of the structure is also a major concern. Hereby, we are interested in the response of large structural components such as wings. We will develop structural (shells) elements which can handle fracture in an efficient and accurate manner. Therefore, we can resort to concepts in the first part of the project, i.e. level sets and adaptivity. This facilitates the method development. However, the concepts are in principle applicable in many other research areas of engineering science.

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