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Perturbed evolution of binaries and multiples


I propose a research program with a focus on the evolution of binaries and multiples in dense stellar regions. The study will be applied to the objects formed in a dynamical encounter which are frequently observed in dense stellar systems, and can be studied only using a combination of different techniques, most importantly stellar dynamics, stellar evolution, population synthesis and hydrodynamics. The project will address the following immediate challenging problems: - Young massive clusters: signature of dynamical processes - Intermediate-mass black hole: validation of two formation scenarios. - Close binaries: formation of binaries through physical collisions and interacting triples. - Comparison of the primordial and collisional populations of blue stragglers. The long term target of the project is to develop a complete hybrid code, which should involve simple stellar evolutionary prescription for unperturbed stars, a precise stellar evolution calculation for single or binary stars that were perturbed by encounters, as well as a hydrodynamic simulation to perform physical collisions. Hybrid methods are an emerging branch of stellar systems modelling, but it has been often observed that they are absolutely crucial for further progress and hence would provide a milestone for the research and benefit the entire astronomical community. The short term goal is to study the most important perturbing effects and combine the approaches systematically and consistently.

Call for proposal

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