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Effective and quality improving software maintenance method


Due to the application systems evolution in big sites, the human resources available to new business support projects are constantly decreasing. More expert people are involved in maintenance tasks, application systems structures are not reflecting business structures, then the applications maintenance is an expensive set of tasks growing continuously. The business objectives are to liberate experienced and expensive people, to know really the maintenance cost of applications, to plan maintenance tasks and to propose the best options for deciding on applications in order to cut maintenance costs.


It consists of the execution of two parallel projects of maintenance methodologies implantation. One of them is on a financial application and the other one on a software product. The process for both is:

1. Current situation analysis. Models, Objects, Volumes, Documentation...
2. Implantation Process. Methodology, Procedures, Measurements and tools
3. Trial Period. Total staff liberation, continuos results gathering, first opportunities for reengineering.
4. Final results compilation

The expected effort for both projects is 1263 person-days in a period of 12 months


To liberate expert people by 90% and provide a maintenance method with total people independence, to know, plan and obtain efforts and reduce them by 25% and to enhance processes and data structures. We expect to extend the method to all the applications in the entities involved as a direct result of this project and to disseminate the experience to other entities at the completion of the projects. As a complementary goal the people involved in these projects will obtain a solid training in measurement, planning and modelling aspects. The main barrier we expect to find is the reluctance to adopt any method after years of performing the same. We hope to eliminate this reluctance providing value-added from the first phase of the project.

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