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Enhanced design of GAAS in Europe

Exploitable results

EDGE provides a new, user-oriented and commercially-driven computer aided design (CAD) resource to support high-frequency design in Europe. It is especially tailored to meet the needs of both monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) designers and European manufacturers of high-frequency analogue circuit components. Traditionally, the market for high frequency CAD for analogue circuit design has been dominated by US vendors. Small and specialized European developers have provided many of the sector's key technical innovations, but have been less successful in achieving significant penetration of the global commercial marketplace. EDGE gathers several of the top European industry players and creates a common base for the European applications. Specifically, the project treats the following aspects: improved working links between the different European commercial CAD tools; useful links between the European tools and US-vendor software; support of an advanced user interface development for MMIC design and the development of a common user interface style; integration of Time-Domain, electromagnetic analysis and yield enhancement CAD tools for MMIC design; provision of a standardized and European advanced non-linear field effect transistor (FET) Foundry Model; development of the future business structure for commercial exploitation of European CAD expertise.