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Multi-functional Analytical Focussed ion beam tool for nanotechnology

Final Report Summary - FIBLYS (Multi-functional analytical focussed ion beam tool for nanotechnology)

The first 18 months of the project period was dedicated to the tool development mainly.

New chamber design was developed involving more or less all partners full fill the needs for integrating all planed tools and planed application like 3D approaches. The design even allows using different main components like FIBs or electron beam columns or other commercial available tools as EBSD or EDX without redesign. Fabrication and assembling of the demonstrator had started after a final agreement over the layout.

The development of SPMs and TOFMS had started giving the two main new add-ons. SPM head designed as AFM was assembled and tested in a SEM successfully and will be integrated in the demonstrator soon. The development of user friendly software interfaces as well as automatic approaches for manipulation and measuring for using SPMs inside the tool had started too. TOFMS system was integrated to a TESCAN SEM-FIB system, low and high level software was developed and first test of FIB-SIMS had been carried out on quantum well structures with very good results.

In the tool application, process development and benchmarking task we had first results in the field of nano-EBIC and near field-CL as well as in the field of measurements of EBSD/EBIC on thin layer solar cells and pseudo 3D-EBSD measurements by using wedges made by FIB.

A main focus change was seen in the field of using gold-FIB available short after project started. First experiences demonstrated that it is not applicable for the 3D Au nano-structure fabrication, but new techniques had emerged for 3D Au and or other materials nano-structures by electron or ion beam induced deposition (EBID/IBID). The consortium suggested using Ga-FIB in the course of project instead of Au-FIB and using EBID/IBID techniques to make 3D structures. A lot of structures could be shown made with EBID so far like gold tips on top of cantilevers for TERS, gold dot arrays as catalysts for nano wire growth or systems for investigations related to metamaterials. Numerical simulations supported the structure design.