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Methods for object oriented design and implementation supporting changes


MICROLOGICA, a medium sized software house and the SW-department of PHOENIX CONTACT, a large electronic components supplier are working together in this experiment. MICROLOGICA has to improve especially the configuration and change management to provide customer specific support and to process maintenance activities efficiently, because produced systems are shifting from "turn key systems" to software products with a considerably increasing number of functions which are to configure for hundreds or thousands of customers. PHOENIX CONTACT has to improve especially the methods for object oriented analysis and design to make the software process repeatable during requirements specification and design phases.


The achievement of the objective above requires

a) Introduction of qualified configuration and change management using Intersolv PVCS and/or Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.
b) Improvement of object oriented analysis and design methods taking into account configuration and change management.

The experiment will be performed around software systems developed by MICROLOGICA for management and maintenance of LAN-based communication centres and by PHOENIX CONTACT for control tools for production lines connected via InterBus-S.

MICROLOGICA employs 58 people, 7 of them are involved in MOODISC baseline project. PHOENIX CONTACT SW-department employs 27 people, 7 of them are involved in MOODISC.


MICROLOGICA expects to save time and money with an efficient configuration and change management and to increase the customers satisfaction by solving their problems faster. PHOENIX CONTACT expects to improve the quality of SW-processes and the quality of products and to reduce the time to market.


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