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Content archived on 2024-06-11

Software process improvement: repository of experience


The SPIRE project is centred on the promotion and dissemination of various media to encourage European companies and organisations of any type to define and improve their software process towards the defined level target (Level 3 of Capability Maturity Model (CMM)). Maturity level 3 target audience encompasses the wide set of companies dissatisfied with the way they currently master their software development process, and, which, either as a result of a direct competition pressure, or because of a more voluntarily continuous improvement spirit, will be receptive to an industrially proven way to improve things.


The SPIRE Consortium will first of all gather relevant information from five European companies (the << Contributors >>), selected as the more suitable to illustrate the concept, and partly from other various sources. The information will be stored into the SPIRE repository. The pilot CD-ROM (Maturity Level 3 Experience Base) prepared out of it will reflect the repository content and be an invaluable information resource on Maturity Level 3. The intention in this pilot is not to cover those topics in depth at experts level, but to provide an easy path for a non specialised audience to become evangelised and acquainted on these matters. Based on various media - such as text, data, audio, graphics, pictures - SPIRE will explain what could be the benefits of reaching Maturity Level 3 from the software business point of view, how Level 3 fits with a business strategy focused on competitivity and why organisations at level 3 could offer benchmark practices for other ones. Three activities are therefore planned :

1. gathering experience from leading European companies in Software Process Improvement
2. using the material collected to prepare various media (including a CD ROM)
3. disseminate these various media to a large audience through different channels


The SPIRE results consist of :
a printed publication, entitled Maturity Level 3 - the State of the Art;
a CD-ROM, entitled Maturity Level 3 Experience Base
a set of slides and notes (for tutorials and workshops), entitled Level 3 Presenter's Pack.
a set of WWW pages (based on the CD-ROM, plus a discussion group), entitled InterSPIRE;

Future exploitation : The SPIRE Web will be periodically updated. The CD ROM will be a periodic snapshot of the Web content, less frequently updated, but richer in terms of content. The SPIRE Web will behave as an advert for the CD ROM.

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