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New methodology for the characterization of semiconductor self-assembled nano-structures with opto-electronic applications


The aim of this project is to optimize the design and growth conditions of self-assembled semiconductor nanostructures with applications in micro- and opto- electronics. With this purpose, the candidate is going to develop a systematic methodology of analysis based in electron beam techniques and apply it for the study of these systems. The control on the structural features of semiconductor materials is essential for further technological developments, with high relevance for many aspects of our current society. In particular, the fabrication of structures with a high density of homogeneously sized self-assembled nano-motives is one of the challenges in this field because it supposes the achievement of laser emission with high intensity and mono-chromaticity.

This project addresses absolutely one of the main thematic areas of the European Research Area of the FP6 (Nanotechnology and Nano-science) and is highly related to other one ('Information society technologies'). The innovative character of this proposal stems from the use of techniques with atomic column resolution such as high angle annular dark field scanning transmission electron microscopy (HAADF-STEM) for the optimization of the microstructure of semiconductor self-assembled systems. The researcher in charge in UC-Davis is a world reference of leadership in the use of HAADF-STEM for structural analyses, and UCA has recently acquired the required equipment for this type of analyses.

Therefore, this fellowship will provide the applicant with high level skills in HAADF-STEM, which will be transferred to UCA in the third year, fulfilling the objectives of the "Outgoing International Fellowship". The applicant has enough background knowledge both in semiconductor structures and in electron beam techniques to achieve the main objectives of the project.

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