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Content archived on 2024-06-11

A manageable object oriented development process


Telefónica I+D has previous experience in working with different OO methodologies. There is a gap between these methodologies and our corporate development process (MDP), based on a waterfall model. To reduce this gap it is necessary to define a manageable process with meaningful review criteria. Also guidelines, procedures and training must be provided to the managers and project leaders to help them in each OO-software development phase.

The aim is to define, adopt and evaluate a manageable development process based on the object-oriented paradigm, that must include the following features: a clear definition of phases and activities; exit criteria for the phases and activities and clear definition of documentation to be generated during software development; metric plan must be developed to help in the management of the project; the models and the notation will be based on an existing OO methodology.


An Object Oriented Project Roadmap will define the development and management process, which comprises. Development Process Description, Quality Assurance Process Description -Technical Review, Software Development Metric Plan-, and Object-Oriented Project Management Guide.
The current software engineering practices will be applied to the baseline project, an alarm interface between switching nodes in the underlying network and the Integrated Customer Management Services. The current baseline project is going to be developed using traditional (procedural) approach. Our PIE will developed by means of the aforementioned software technologies and applying the OO Project Roadmap.
A comparison of result will be made between PIE and the baseline project (this means in some way: between the procedural and OO techniques).

Telefónica I+D employs 650 people, 10 of them work on the baseline project. Our PIE will involve 2.5 persons for 15 months.


The two main goals are:

- provide a complete solution for new and existing object oriented projects in order to offer a road map through the life cycle of the project, being compliant with the current methodological framework: MDP.
- analyse the applicability that the OOT has in the telecom projects and the impacts in business objectives (cost, time and quality) and in the organisation.

The improvements will be incorporated into future versions of the baseline project. Also they will be internally disseminated among all the OO software development projects.

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