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Facilitating corporate-wide re-use though internet-based tools


The SW applications for aerospace systems must satisfy strict quality constraints (in terms of reliability, safety and so on). This implies a high cost of design and development which needs to be compensated by introducing new costless working practices in order to be competitive on the market.
The Project aims at:

- Introducing a re-use oriented approach in the development of the software within the whole corporate and creating both the "re-use culture", mandatory for proficient co-operation among companies, and the necessary organisational infrastructure.
- Carrying out a complete Company-wide assessment of which software can be potentially re-usable.
- Creating, distributing and maintaining a software catalogue of the re-usable software components identified exploiting the most updated telematic technologies.


A Corporate Re-use Server will be installed, configured and made available to the many departments and companies of the corporate. The Server will be set-up using state-of-the-art and mature technologies and commercially available tools, capable of meeting the necessary strict security requirements, with the aim of supporting classification, storage, search and retrieval, which have been identified as key tasks in the re-use oriented software development process. The following tools/technologies will be used to set-up the server:

- Internet, providing the underlying communication infrastructure to link the project teams involved in the Baseline Projects.
- A Commercially available WWW Server (Netscape Commerce and Communication Server), i.e. a client-server tools providing the needed remote access facilities (storage and hyper textual navigation) and basic security and encryption mechanisms.
- freeWAIS-sf, a public-domain indexing and search engine, specifically designed to provide search functionality on top of Internet. freeWAIS-sf is configurable, so that it can easily suit the classification criteria defined by the REBOOT methodology, thus properly supporting the needed classification functionality.
- FTP (File Transfer Protocol) tools providing the physical transfer facility needed to share remotely produced information (software components and their related documentation), enabling the physical retrieval of relevant items.


It is expected to improve the capability of carrying on projects by geographically distributed teams speeding up the information flow among them. This should positively impact on the development process reducing the time spent to inform other participants of the availability of potentially re-usable components. From the very early got impressions, it seems that the updated and user friendly technologies which the experiment is based on give a substantial help in solving the typical problems related to the SW reuse overcoming problems related to the difficulties in getting information from a paper based catalogue, speeding up the searching and retrieval procedures exploiting hyper textual searching facilities, etc.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Società Italiana Avionica (SIA)
Strada Antica Di Collegno 253
10146 Torino