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Implementation of a network for the dissemination of best practices for TPB


The consortium plans to become a junction of the European network of "best practices", by achieving the following tasks :

- Local networks of small and big-sized companies, already led by the partners, will be connected to partners' networks.
- Diagnosis tools will be developed originally by the Centre TIME, will be validated by the companies members of the networks of the partners. Then it will be adapted by the partners to the theme of TBP and cases made of the experiences of companies will be developed and then disseminated to the members of the partners networks.
- The diagnosis tools, the cases as well as a data base on the members of the Club will be made available for the future connection with other European networks.

Results :
At the end of the project, the participants will have a complete pedagogic kit, in their language, including a diagnosis tool and 7 best practice cases on the management of the technological platform. These kits will have been implemented in SME members of the Clubs. In total, on the basis of one-day sessions and of about 20 SME participating in each session, 300 SME days will have been treated: 80 during step 1, 80 during step 2, and 140 during step 3. The partners will have acquired a good control of animation of the networks, and diffusion of best practices in a network. They will be able to communicate with other networks. Furthermore, a data base based on the results of the diagnosis of the technological platform of the firm members of the network will have been designed, in order to constitute the basis for a direct dialogue of the firms.

Associated actions :
The consortium intends to be present in the Grenoble High-Tech Fair "TEC 96", in October 1996. This is an opportunity to present the tool developed and the operation of the network to a large public of SME and large companies.

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